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2009/10 miniproject assignments

Notes: Slot-1: late March to mid June
  Slot-2: mid June to mid September

Name Slot Supervisor Co-supervisor Title
Yu-Xi Chau
slot-1 Isaac K.K. Liu (ENG)
- Modelling Nonlinear Behaviours of Cellular Biomechanics
slot-2 Nick Watkins (BAS)
- Convex hulls, anomalous diffusion & the home range of foraging animals
Matthew Graham
slot-1 Sach Mukherjee (STA)
Stefan Grosskinsky (MAT)
Urn models
slot-2 Thomas House (MAT)
  Epidemic dynamics in complex populations
Pantelis Hadjipantelis
slot-1 Mark Salmon (WBS)
Roman Kozhan (WBS)
Uncertainty Aversion in Complex Markets
slot-2 John Aston (STA)
  Statistical Analysis of Linguistic Data
Becky Langham
slot-1 Markus Kirkilionis (MAT)
  Adaptive Dynamics and Phylogenetic Trees
slot-2 Yasmin Merali (WBS)
Nick Gaunt (NHS Inst.)
Agent-based models for practitioners in multi-agent health care pathways
Sergio Morales
slot-1 Jonathan Seville (ENG)
Charley Wu (Uni Birm.)
Crowd movement using Discrete Element Methods
slot-2 Juergen Branke (WBS)
- Prediction in self-organising production systems
Chris Oates
slot-1 Robert Mackay (MAT)
- Quantifying complexity of a spatially extended stochastic dynamical system
slot-2 Dario Spano (STA)
- Stochastic Dynamical Systems in Mathematical Population Genetics
Nikolai Peremezhney
slot-1 Yingping Huang (WMG)
Alan Dunoyer (Jag/ LR)
Research Towards Advanced Driver Assistant Systems
slot-2 Alexei Lapkin (ENG)
Colm Connaughton (MAT)
Systems chemistry: relations between system properties and properties of individual components in formulated consumer products
Anas Rana
slot-1 Magnus Richardson (SYSBIO)
Yulia Timofeeva (DCS)
Stochastic synaptic integration in a spatial neuron with voltage-activated currents
slot-2 Mario Nicodemi (PHY)
Sach Mukherjee (STA)
Thermodynamics of gene regulation
Leigh Robinson
slot-1 Nigel Stocks (ENG)
  Phase Transitions in Optimal Neural Coding: Complexity via Optimisation
slot-2 Ellak Somfai (PHY)
  Particle-based hydrodynamics
Alistair Tucker
slot-1 Matthew Turner (PHY)
Dr. Satchell (CAMBRIDGE) The economics of queueing
slot-2 Duncan Robertson (WBS)
Shock & Surprise in Online Social Networks