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Assessment of miniprojects

Each miniproject will be assessed in the following way:

1. Poster (minproject 1)/ Talk (minproject 2): 30%. These will be assessed by DTC staff.

2. Student's written report and supervisor feedback: 70%.

The written reports will be assessed by DTC staff. The supervisors are asked to provide feedback on the student's performance during the project using this form. If you are not a Warwick staff member we cannot give you access to the form, please use this .doc version of the form and send to Stefan Grosskinsky ( by email.

The supervisors' feedback will be taken into account when determining the mark for the report.

Supervisors do not have to use the form given above, but if you write your own report please adhere to the structure of the form as far as possible.

If you have any questions please contact Stefan Grosskinsky ( or Colm Connaughton (