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Local Bus Routes

General Information

The above map contains information about local bus routes that can be used to reach the University of Warwick or to travel e.g. between Kenilworth and the railway station in Coventry. Click on the button on the left hand side to inspect a particular route. Note that names and positions of bus stops are with respect to a travel direction towards Coventry/The University.

Large markers indicate timed bus-stops, i.e., bus stops where the bus is supposed to leave at the time given in the schedule. For intermediate bus-stop the schedule only gives approximate times and at these stops it can easily happen that the bus actually leaves well before the time given in the schedule.

British buses usually don't announce the upcoming bus-stop. Therefore it might be good to ask the driver at the beginning of your journey to drop you off at a particular stop (in case you are unsure). Exact change is required on Travel Coventry buses. Stagecoach buses don't require exact change. However, on Stagecoach buses it might often be a good idea to purchase a return ticket as these usually are only marginally more expensive than a single ticket. This type of arithmetic does not hold for Travel Coventry buses.

The Journey Planner gives detailed information about the schedule of all the bus routes.

As a rule of thumb: Going to the university on Sunday morning means you have to take the U2 (or a taxi which might be the better option). On other days your best bet is the 12 which roughly goes every half hour. Occassionally a 16 may come your way.


Unibus U1 (Stagecoach)

The U1 only connects Leamington Spa to the University via the A46. It does not go through Kenilworth or Coventry.

Unibus U2 (Stagecoach)

The U2 provides Sunday service between Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, the University and Coventry. It only operates on Sundays.

Schedule for U1 and U2.
Route X17 (Stagecoach)

The X17 provides service between Stratford, Warwick, Leamington Spa, Kenilworth and Coventry. It does not visit the university campus and does not operate on Sundays.

Route 16 (Stagecoach)

The 16 provides service between Stratford, Warwick, Kenilworth, the University, and Coventry. It does not operate on Sundays.

Schedule for X17 and 16.
Route 12 (Travel Coventry)

This bus route is operated by Travel Coventry, and not by Stagecoach as the routes above. Exact change is required. The route operates between Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, University of Warwick, and Coventry.

Schedule for Route 12.