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Accepted presentations


  1. Bruno COURCELLE. Short vertex labels for connectivity checking in planar graphs with forbidden parts
  2. Mamadou Moustapha Kanté. Short Labeling Scheme for Connectivity Check on Certain Graph Classes of Unbounded Clique-Width
  3. Carmen Centeno, Mitre Dourado and Jayme Szwarcfiter. On the convexity of paths of length two in undirected graphs
  4. Vladimir Deineko and Alexander Tiskin. Minimum-weight double-tree shortcutting for Metric TSP: Bounding the approximation ratio
  5. Pinar Heggernes, Daniel Meister and Charis Papadopoulos. A new representation of proper interval graphs with an application to clique-width
  6. Alexander Grigoriev, Natalya Usotskaya and Bert Marchal. On planar graphs with large tree-width and small grid minors
  7. Stan van Hoesel and Bert Marchal. Finding good tree decompositions by local search
  8. Daniel Brügmann, Christian Komusiewicz and Hannes Moser. On Generating Triangle-Free Graphs
  9. Ignasi Sau and Dimitrios Thilikos. Subexponential Parameterized Algorithms for Bounded-Degree Connected Subgraph Problems on Planar Graphs
  10. Kathie Cameron, Chinh Hoang and Benjamin Leveque. Asteroids in rooted and directed path graphs
  11. Gregory Gutin. Out-branchings with Maximal Number of Leaves or Internal Vertices: Algorithmic Results and Open Problems
  12. Tomas Feder, Pavol Hell, Jing Huang and Arash Rafiey. Adjusted Interval Digraphs
  13. Frédéric Mazoit. Tree-width of graphs and surface duality
  14. Michel Habib and Juraj Stacho. Linear Algorithms for Chordal Graphs of Bounded Directed Vertex Leafage
  15. David Coudert, Dorian Mazauric and Nicolas Nisse. On Rerouting Connection Requests in Networks with Shared Bandwidth
  16. Feodor Dragan. Collective Tree Spanners for Unit Disk Graphs with Applications
  17. Michel Habib and Vincent Limouzy. On some simplicial elimination schemes for chordal graphs
  18. Kristina Vuskovic and Nicolas Trotignon. Graphs with no cycle with a unique chord
  19. Domingos Cardoso and Sofia Pinheiro. Spectral upper bounds on the size of k-regular induced subgraphs
  20. Robert Ganian and Petr Hlineny. On Parse Trees and Myhill-Nerode-type Tools for handling Graphs of Bounded Rank-width
  21. Nicholas Korpelainen. A Polynomial-time Algorithm for the Dominating Induced Matching Problem in the Class of Convex Graphs
  22. Leo van Iersel and Matthias Mnich. Rooted and Unrooted Maximum Consistent Supertrees
  23. Stanislav Zivny, David Cohen and Peter Jeavons. The Expressive Power of Binary Submodular Functions
  24. Andreas Brandstadt and Raffaele Mosca. On Variants of the Maximum Induced Matching Problem
  25. Enide Martins, Liliana Costa and Carlos Fonseca. Counting vertices and edges of a Birkhoff polytope for trees
  26. Illya Hicks. Integer Programming Techniques for General Branchwidth
  27. Marcin Kaminski, Pim van’t Hof and Daniël Paulusma. Induced paths with parity constraints in claw-free graphs
  28. Stefan Szeider. MSO problems on graphs with local cardinality constraints
  29. Pierre Charbit, Fabien de Montgolfier and Mathieu Raffinot. On split decomposition of undirected graph
  30. Binh-Minh Bui-Xuan, Jan Arne Telle and Martin Vatshelle. Dynamic programming on graph of bounded rank-width in fast FPT time using unions of neighbourhoods
  31. Stephan Kreutzer. Dominating Sets in Nowhere Dense Classes of Structures
  32. Ferdinando Cicalese and Martin Milanic. The structure of graphs of separability at most 2
  33. Thomas Erlebach, Torben Hagerup, Klaus Jansen, Moritz Minzlaff and Alexander Wolff. Trimming of Graphs, with Applications to Point Labeling
  34. Andras Salamon. Multicoloured cliques in vertex-coloured graphs
  35. Hans L. Bodlaender, Stephan Thomasse and Anders Yeo. Analysis of Data Reduction: Transformations give evidence for non-existence of polynomial kernels
  36. P. Tittmann, I. Averbouch and J.A. Makowsky. The Enumeration of Vertex Induced Subgraphs with respect to the Number of Components
  37. M.C. Golumbic, Conflict and Tolerance in Algorithmic Graph Theory