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Fatteh Haider

Warwick Graduate Entrepreneur shortlisted for Britain’s biggest small business competition.

Fatteh Haider

A University of Warwick graduate, Fatteh Haider, has been shortlisted along with 50 other early stage startups at The Pitch UK. "Being considered at the 10th anniversary of the business competition that has helped thousands of small businesses to grow was definitely the confidence boost that I needed” says Fatteh. He was given exclusive access to 1-2-1 coaching and intensive business workshops from business experts before he delivered a 90 second pitch at the competition’s event in Moorgate.

His company, Open Mind Tutors, is an online marketplace that connects private tutors with students. The research behind his business came from the dissertation that he completed as part of the MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship. According to Fatteh, this venture would not have been possible without the help of his Professors and the Warwick Enterprise Team whose insights were instrumental in the development of the business.

"Open Mind Tutors differentiates itself from existing businesses by incorporating a clear social construct; to eradicate the disparity of available and affordable private tuition. Tuition is made affordable by allowing individual students to join group lessons hosted by tutors on the website." Fatteh says that his vision is to "create a social enterprise that gives incentives to experienced tutors to teach students from economically disadvantages backgrounds for free."

"In the UK, a high number of students drop out of school because of overcrowded classes, subpar teaching and disengagement. Youths in disadvantaged communities are most at risk of missing out," explains Fatteh.

Fatteh believes his company will help these youths to achieve their full potential. View website.

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