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Health Clic

HealthClic - the doctor’s house call is back!

It might feel like stepping back in time, but the future of doctor consultations at the convenience of patients is almost here… again! Priyanka Chaturvedi, economics graduate from the University of Warwick, updates us on the formation of her new enterprise, HealthClic, and gives her tips on venturing into business.

"HealthClic is for people wanting private GP home visits. Patients browse online for a doctor of their choice and book an appointment at a time and place that suits them,” says Priyanka.

HealthClic offers a modern and now luxury take on a much-loved, but long-lost service.

"I struggled to find a GP days before my final year exams – and when I finally did, I was sick in the taxi on the way! There had to be a better way! I decided to give control back to patients.”

Information communication technology, flexible working hours and a growing on-demand economy make house calls possible in the modern age.

“Our mobile-friendly webpage makes access to primary healthcare services easy for the UK’s time poor and ageing population.”

HealthClic promises the highest standards of patient care and screens doctors just as hospitals and clinics do. Part of HealthClic’s quality assurance strategy involves company registration with the Care Quality Commission. Priyanka’s parents are GPs and she has experienced the demands of the healthcare profession from the perspective of the service provider’s family – so she aims to help both patients and doctors. "HealthClic is gathering some of the best private GPs in the UK for this premium service, where each patient member receives a dedicated healthcare representative from HealthClic."

Health Clic

HealthClic was registered with Companies House late last year. The appointment management software supplied by 10to8 is ready and waiting to launch HealthClic’s London 7-day service in the coming months.

Register your interest – as a patient or a doctor – in HealthClic’s service by visiting

During the formation of HealthClic, Priyanka has learnt to stay informed and knowledgeable about her industry. She has avoided becoming fixated on a detailed business plan, allowing her to focus on changes in the healthcare sector and to shape her business in response to current events. While establishing HealthClic, Priyanka has also been busy working towards her Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.

“I would definitely encourage students to start a business – if you want your career to be something you love and something that gives you freedom and flexibility in the long term. It’s a good time to take the risk and work extra hard while you don’t have as many responsibilities.”


Priyanka Chaturvedi, Founder of HealthClic, at her University of Warwick graduation

Priyanka’s top tips for venturing into business are:

  1. Just because everyone else is doing something, do not feel obliged that it will suit you too.
  2. Before deciding on a career path, take the time to understand yourself, your passions and what you know and do well.

For more information about HealthClic, please visit