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Each week we will be posting an article on different topics related to innovation and entrepreneurship. Have a read, reflect and see how this might affect your approach to business.

GEW 2019: Overview and Highlights

Global Entrepreneurship Week (18-23 Nov) was incredible! Here at Warwick Enterprise we were delighted to be able to host or co-host a number of student-focused (and student-led) events. In this article, the Enterprise team look back over the week and celebrate GEW2019 – and look ahead to 2020.

Thu 28 Nov 2019, 08:43

GEW 2019: Policy (Xanthe Blain)

The final theme to address from Global Entrepreneurship Week is #GEWPolicy. Much attention is given to successful entrepreneurs, including their creativity and resilience in founding businesses. However, the role of governments in facilitating entrepreneurs and helping them flourish is given far less recognition. Policies that remove barriers, reset the regulatory environment, and emphasise connections and catalytic events, support entrepreneurs to be able to start new businesses.

Mon 25 Nov 2019, 12:13

GEW 2019: Ecosystems (Ceara Webster)

This article reflects on personal observations of collaborative networks taking place during GEW so far. These include the community network at the university throughout the week, the network of start-up ventures and supportive organisations, whether these networks are ‘ecosystems’ or ‘ecologies’, and the issues that I have observed arising in networks and particularly communication failures that hinder their development.

Thu 21 Nov 2019, 15:10

GEW 2019: Inclusion (Luke Netherclift)

How can entrepreneurs create a more inclusive future? In a world which could be seen as being more interconnected, yet is also growing more divided with the rise in populism, it is important that as entrepreneurs we think of ways to help people come together. This is a goal I am very passionate about and want to develop in the future through social enterprises such as The People’s Backpack, which seeks to create an inclusive future for the lives of refugees. This is highlighted throughout the sustainable development goals, which have a strong focus on tackling inequalities and creating partnerships.

Wed 20 Nov 2019, 09:44

GEW 2019: Education (Giacomo Bottoli)

The Global Entrepreneurship Network has identified four global themes to be discussed during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019, and Education is the first of these – which makes perfect sense! Entrepreneurship Education, in fact, is the vehicle through which innovation and change are implemented and sustained. A world without innovation would be a world with humans living in caves and hunting prey to survive.

Mon 18 Nov 2019, 11:28

My Entrepreneurial Journey (Sakshi Mittal)

As a finalist, when I look back on my time so far at Warwick I can confidently say that I have developed enterprise skills and a keen interest in innovation and creativity – both consciously and unconsciously! In this article I’ll tell you about the journey I’ve been on, hoping that it might inspire you to make entrepreneurship a part of your Warwick experience…

Wed 13 Nov 2019, 13:09

Hedge Funds and Startups (Giacomo Bottoli)

A startup is almost impossible to start and scale up without money; this is why entrepreneurs always look for external investments to sustain their journeys. The most common ways to raise capital are bootstrapping (receiving funds from family and relatives), business angels and VCs. This article will explore an alternative and much less popular method of raising capital, which has the potential to inject remarkable amounts of capital into this industry: hedge funds.

Mon 04 Nov 2019, 11:23

Talking about your business ideas (Ptolemy Banks)

In this article, Ptolemy Banks discusses the pitfalls of sharing ideas with other people. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the individual author and do not represent the views of Warwick Enterprise or the University of Warwick, nor are they being presented (by the author or the university) as expert advice. We recommend that you research the topic of Intellectual Property before discussing your business idea.

Tue 29 Oct 2019, 16:18

The NACUE 10th-Anniversary Dinner (Luke Netherclift and Xanthe Blain)

Two of our Innovation Fellows, Luke and Xanthe, were fortunate to attend NACUE’s (National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs) 10th Anniversary Celebration. In this article, Luke puts a spotlight on some of the start-ups whose founders were at the event.

Fri 25 Oct 2019, 16:23

Entrepreneurship and the Arts: Dispelling the Myths of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Ceara Webster)

It is not just people from the business sphere that question the relevance of Arts subjects to entrepreneurship and innovation. It is a query Arts students and/or professionals find themselves also asking. I am going to attempt to alter your perception of the entrepreneurial pursuit, its relevance to the Arts, and the immense value that Arts subjects can add to the business sphere outside of purely design and creative capacities.

Mon 21 Oct 2019, 11:05

Emphasising Female Entrepreneurial Success (Xanthe Blain)

A professor of mine once tasked a class to discuss words they associated with entrepreneurs. To her dismay, one pupil shouted “man”. This is a testament to a traditionally male-dominated business world still permeating society. Recent news reports have shown that over one third of female entrepreneurs are likely to experience gender bias when attempting to raise capital for their businesses.

Mon 14 Oct 2019, 11:27

Why I hope your business idea fails (Luke Netherclift)

Start-ups. Failure. These two words are very often associated with each other but the mindset in which we approach failure can have a significant impact on the success of our enterprise. In this article I will be discussing an approach to failure which may help develop your business or yourself as an entrepreneur to increase the chances of achieving your goals!

Mon 07 Oct 2019, 10:01