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Qualitative Research Methods


In this module we will explore Qualitative Research Methods. In part, the module is practical. We will practically ‘have a go at’ different qualitative research methods, including research interviews, discourse analysis, conversation analysis, visual analysis and ethnography. At the same time, we will reflect upon theoretical and intellectual issues relating to the practice of doing qualitative research. The module will address key issues, debates and controversies relevant for the way we design and evaluate qualitative studies. The interplay between the philosophy of social science and the practices of the qualitative researcher will be a constant concern.

The module runs on Wednesdays in term 2 (weeks 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10) and 3 (weeks 1, 3 and 4). There will be a lecture (2-3.30pm, in room HO51) and then a workshop (4-6.00pm, in the ‘research exchange’ in the Library). One topic will be addressed per week. The topic will be addressed through a conventional lecture (2-3.30pm) followed by a ‘practical workshop’ (4-6.00pm). The lectures will be delivered by members of the Social Science Faculty, each of whom will supply a list of pre-readings. There is no single recommended core text. Click here for the Module outline (Module Outline). The module is run by Nick Llewellyn (