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Quants Term 2

DTC Quantitative Methods module (Term 2)


Module tutor: Richard Lampard


Location: R0.41 (PC Workarea), Library Building


Link to module home page




Week 1

Thursday 12 January, 10-12: Quantitative/Survey Research Design.

Friday 13 January, 10-12: Secondary Analysis.


Week 2

Thursday 19 January, 10-12: Measurement I: Operationalization of Concepts.


Week 3

Thursday 26 January, 10-12: Descriptive Statistics.

Friday 27 January, 10-12: Measurement II: Questionnaire Design and Scale Construction.


Week 4

Thursday 2 February, 10-12: Statistical Inference I: Sampling distributions.


Week 5

Thursday 9 February, 10-12: Statistical Inference II: Statistical testing.


Week 6

Thursday 16 February, 10-12: Bivariate Analysis: t-tests and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).


Week 7

Thursday 23 February, 10-12: Bivariate Analysis: Cross-tabulations and chi-square.


Week 8

Thursday 1 March, 10-12: Three (or more) Variables: Extensions to Analyses Using Cross-

tabulations or ANOVA.


Week 9

Thursday 8 March, 10-12: Bivariate Analysis/Regression I: Correlation and Linear



Week 10

Thursday 15 March, 10-12: Regression II: Multiple Regression.



Note: Training in the use of SPSS for Windows will be spread across the sessions.