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Global People@Work: Building Global Fitness

Today's VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world needs people who can understand differences, bridge them and work effectively across boundaries. In other words, people need Global Fitness for Work.

The GlobalPeople team at the University of Warwick offer Global Fitness profiling of organisations and staff through our global fitness indicator tool, the Global Fitness Development Profiler (GF-DP) and offer Global Fitness development through our (blended) e-Course GlobalPeople@Work. 

All our resources are underpinned by our academic research and our practical application experience. The following articles may be of interest; see also our Knowledge Exchange section, including our series of webinars.

Global Fitness Development Profiler (GF-DP) is an academically robust global fitness indicator tool that functions at two levels: provides managers with strategic planning information, and offers individuals personal insights for development purposes. It is aligned with our development programme, GlobalPeople@Work.
Our renowned diagnostic tools and professional development courses can help you/your staff develop this ability. Our specialist expertise can also help you understand and address specific issues through our research consultancy.

GlobalPeople@Work is a unique learning and development programme, designed to support the development of Global Fitness. It is aligned with the global fitness indicator tool, the GPP, and taught by intercultural experts from the University of Warwick. The blended course comprises 3 modules:

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"The story-based training approach used in GlobalPeople@Work is very appealing and helpful for appreciating the impact of culture on day-to-day encounters in the professional world."
Ann Marie Jakob, FHNW School of Engineering, Switzerland