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Core Concepts and Tools

While working in the intercultural field, we are sometimes asked 'what is meant by XXX?'. So we have developed some GlobalPeople 'Core concept' compilations to address these needs. These compilations are collections of quotations on the given topic, organised into key themes, so that people can gain an overall picture of the topic and become aware of its different facets as well as people's various perspectives on it. So far the following Core Concept compilations are available:

pdf image small What is culture?

pdf image small Mindfulness for intercultural interaction

pdf image small Critical incidents

In addition, we have developed various tools that we use in our training/professional development sessions. Two particularly popular ones are:

pdf image small The GlobalPeople 3R Reflect Tool. This tool helps develop evaluation sensitivity in intercultural encounters. It provides detailed prompts to help people record and reflect on intercultural encounters/critical incidents.

pdf image small The GlobalPeople 4S Stretch Tool: This tool helps foster behavioural flexibility in intercultural encounters. It identifies steps for adjusting behaviour, as needed, when living, studying and/or working in culturally unfamiliar contexts.

Do let us know if you use any of our tools or resources! We'd really appreciate that!

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