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Global Professionals Profiler (GPP)

The GPP is an academically robust diagnostic/needs analysis tool that reveals key planning and development information so that you can meet the demands of today's VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) globalising world. It measures 3 key areas of intercultural competence:

  • Intercultural qualities
  • Intercultural collaboration
  • Intercultural leadership

Benefits for Organizations/Managers Benefits for Individuals
Assesses and maps:
  • the cultural appetite of your workforce and different departments for working globally;
  • the level of experience of your staff in working globally;
  • the level of confidence your staff have in working globally;
  • the intercultural strengths and needs of different teams;
  • the gaps between aspiration and experience/ confidence that need addressing;
  • the information you need to plan strategically to improve your global performance.
Helps you to:
  • reflect on your attitudes towards working globally and with people from culturally different backgrounds;
  • reflect on your experiences of working globally;
  • reflect on your confidence in working globally;
  • identify your areas of strength;
  • identify your professional development needs;
  • map your changing needs and personal growth.

The GPP probes the following areas in two main ways: 'Importance to me' AND either 'My actual experience' or 'My ease of handling'.

Intercultural Qualities

  • The personal qualities needed for working in a VUCA world
  • Understanding of, and interest in, the ways in which culture affects global working

Intercultural Collaboration

  • Achieving effective communication
  • Building good working relations

Intercultural Leadership

  • Managing staff sensitively and effectively
  • Leading projects effectively
  • Strategic leadership

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For more information contact:
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