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Global People@University: Building Global Fitness

How internationalised is your university?

There is more to internationalisation than a diversified body of students/staff. Truly internationalised institutions:

They also

  • support their staff in facilitating this process and in developing the skills and strengths they themselves need to maximise the benefits of internationalisation.

Our tools and resources help you achieve this:

Global Education Profiler (GEP)

The GEP is a diagnostic tool that helps you identify what kind of global learning environment your students and staff are experiencing. There are two complementary versions: one for students and one for staff, both academic and administrative/managerial. It is very different from traditional measures of internationalisation and has yielded important findings.

 Explore the pilot data

Working in Diverse Groups

Employers typically want to employ graduates who can work well in teams, especially multicultural teams. Our resources help you foster 'global graduate' skills and strengths in your students! They include our very popular e-course, Working in Groups.

For complementary open access resources, see our Knowledge Exchange section.
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