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Building Global Fitness - Guided learning/training

Key elements of the course

Three rich online self-learning, self-paced modules:

  • Seeing Culture@Work
  • Diverse Teams@Work
  • Global Leaders@Work

They are underpinned by our practical experience, as well as our research and publications, including:

Global People@Work is a unique learning and development programme, designed to support the development of Global Fitness. It is aligned with the global fitness indicator tool, the GF-DP, and taught by intercultural experts from the University of Warwick. The blended course comprises 3 modules:

SC@W image
Impact of culture on:
  • Headquarter/local office interaction
  • Workplace relations
  • Communication styles
Key concepts:
  • Conceptualising culture
  • Cultural values and beliefs
  • Cultural practices
TD@W image
Impact of culture on:
  • Maximising team success
  • Team communication
  • Task distribution
  • Conflict and trust
Key concepts:
  • Balancing task and relationship
  • Perspectives on time
  • Team divisions and identity faultlines
GL@W image
Impact of culture on:
  • Dealing with staff: motivation, feedback, inclusivity
  • Leadership style effectiveness
  • Ethical decision-making
Key concepts
  • Dimensions of leadership
  • Rapport management
  • Ethics in leadership
Each e-module
  • uses authentic case studies and incidents to illustrate the key issues
  • has interactive tasks and activities to facilitate learning
  • is supported by explanations of key concepts, given by an expert in the field
  • has a quiz to check progress and understanding

Up to four highly interactive group seminars to embed learning (video or face-to-face)

  • Optional masterclasses to explore issues in depth
  • Assessment tool/profiling
  • Train-the-trainer option, to support learning and development internally

Benefits: The development programme will help your organisation to

  • Improve communication across different offices and sections;
  • Enable culturally rich teams work better together;
  • Increase efficiency and creativity;
  • Develop cross-cultural selling/relationship building skills in your salesforce;
  • Build the capability of your global leaders;
  • Go beyond the traditional cultural dos and don’ts.
Design strengths
  • Academically robust – built by experts using the latest research
  • Practitioner focused – developed to address key workplace issues and needs
  • Culturally nuanced – recognises and helps people understand and manage cultural complexity and avoid stereotyping
  • Encourages growth – focuses on the individual in their context, and helps them reflect, examine and develop their own capability as well as learning
  • Adaptable to your needs – the modular approach allows us to adapt the content to address specific issues by tailoring group exercises, building in extra masterclasses or adding further in-house training
  • Measurable outcomes – the assessment tool allows individuals to track their ongoing learning and growth and provides a map of developing skills for the organisation
Learning approach

The course will demonstrate the impact of culture, how culture can affect performance and will help individuals to increase their effectiveness when working in multicultural contexts:
We use a learning framework, Notice, Understand, Grow, to help you develop intercultural competence.

  • Notice: Observation is key and yet it can be hard to know what features are particularly crucial, so we point you to key elements.
  • Understand: Some things can seem strange or annoying, so we help you understand how culture affects three core aspects of work: relationships, communication and ways of arranging things.
  • Grow: We all need to develop and grow, so we provide you with tools that can help foster your intercultural competence.

All modules are self-paced, accompanied by a participant workbook and include an interactive forum for participants to question, share their thoughts and experience with other learners.

Each module is followed by a two hour seminar (video or classroom based) which explores module content, connects the knowledge to participants’ work context and helps participants understand how to put the theory into practise. A shorter introductory seminar is recommended before participants embark on the first module.

For more information or
to Request a demo contact:
email.png globalpeople at warwick dot ac dot uk


"The story-based training approach used in GlobalPeople@Work is very appealing and helpful for appreciating the impact of culture on day-to-day encounters in the professional world."
Ann Marie Jakob, FHNW School of Engineering, Switzerland

"Using the knowledge and skills I learned through this programme, I can cope with different people without frustration and communicate carefully." Japanese manager

"Not only was the course very interesting, it proved relevant to my life, as I knew that I could utilise the material I was learning in all spheres of my life." British engineer

"An important and eye‐opening moment for me – I came to understand my own behaviour, which is the first step towards self-promotion." British engineer

In the past I think there was a tendency for colleagues to feel frustration when they encountered intercultural differences, or differences in communication styles, and that obviously isn’t conducive to healthy working relationships. Now I think as a result of taking this programme, they are able to better manage their own feelings in these situations, they are able to understand the way that culture is influencing their counterparts’ communication style, for example, or working style and they are able to adapt themselves, so they can adapt their communication style, or working style, to overcome these differences and create a very healthy working relationship with their overseas counterparts.

Senior HR manager of a multinational company