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To complement the Global Education Profiler (GEP) and help address the development needs that emerge, we are developing a suite of resources to foster the various facets of 'global graduate' skills.

GlobalPeople@Uni: CAPsule blended learning tools

These are short e-courses, with an accompanying Instructor's Guide. See a 2-minute demo of one of them below.

Working in groups is an online course designed to help learners work more effectively in diverse groups and teams. Learners will develop their professional communication skills for teamwork, gaining insights into their own communication style(s), and enhancing their understanding of how culture affects communication in the workplace. They will explore four core components of team communication, with the help of video clips of students' reflections and prompts to help learners reflect on questions about their own experiences. Each of the four components of the CAPsule has a section on research perspectives and each also includes mini case studies and micro tasks designed around authentic examples of student teamwork. A key feature is reflection, because reflection helps turn an experience into learning. An Instructor's Guide is also available. More information about the course is available here.

Licences to use the CAPsule are available via our Store. For further information, please get in touch with us.

See a 2-minute demo of this CAPsule below:

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For more information or to enquire about purchasing our CAPsule learning tools, please contact:

 ../email.png globalpeople at warwick dot ac dot uk

 pdf image small Working in Groups course outline

Watch another video and find out what our students say about our intercultural training!

GoGlobal Training

Our GoGlobal training comes in two versions:

  • study abroad
  • internationalisation at home.

Both lay the foundation for students' graduate careers in today’s globalised world and comprise 3 stages.

They include:

  • Workshops
  • e-Courses
  • Experiential portfolios
  • Learning gain assessment

This training is run by Warwick's International Student Office