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The Assessment of Work-Place Learning (TLC 2010)

Author: Harvey woolf

Type: conference presentation


At last year’s conference, SACWG presented its initial findings on how work-based learning (WBL) was being assessed in a small sample of History courses. This year’s presentation will update those findings based on a wider investigation into the assessment of WBL across a range of disciplines. The assessment of WBL adds layers of complexity to the already complex nature of ‘traditional’ or ‘conventional’ assessment, not least because it has to take into account the characteristics of individual work places and roles. Other aspects of this complexity include how, if at all, the marks or grades achieved from WBL should be combined with achievement in other types of modules.

While there may be History-specific tasks set by tutors, SACWG’s work suggests that there are a number of generic issues and principles that underpin the assessment of workplace learning in all disciplines. The presentation will explore these issues and principles as a basis for the discussion of how the principles can be most appropriately applied in the assessment of the skills and capabilities of undergraduate historians.


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