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June eBulletin

The History Subject Centre will effectively be closing at the end of July 2011 and so this is our penultimate eBulletin. We will be undertaking some limited transition activities in the autumn and will continue to act as a point of contact for the History community until the new structure is in place. We are also in discussion with the major History subject associations about continuing aspects of our work which do not fall within the remit of the restructured Higher Education Academy. For more information see our briefing paper, After the History Subject Centre.

We are rounding off a very active year for the Subject Centre with a flurry of publications in hardcopy and on our website. Some of these are highlighted below. In addition, there will be a final copy of our Newsletter and two more publications in the Historical Insights: Focus on Teaching series to look forward to.

Please contact us if you have questions or want to order copies of our final publications.

Dr Sarah Richardson, Director History Subject Centre

Forthcoming activities:

Completion of the final Teaching Development Grant projects funded by the History Subject Centre.

  • Over the next few weeks final project reports and resources will be made available in our eLibrary. These will include the History Virtual Academy, Maps for Early Modernists, Creative Writing Options in History and Teaching the Language of Historical Texts. Visit the eLibrary to review these resources.
  • 'Resources in the Teaching of Modern Chinese History' is a TDG project that has recently been completed. Visit the Chinese History Teaching Network website to help locate and use resources for teaching Modern Chinese History, and find out more about the network.
  • The projects that come under the 'History Graduates with Impact' umbrella will be completed by the end of this month. Work on the website continues and a publication including six key project reports will be published at the end of July. Take a look at the Graduates with Impact website or pre-order your FREE copy of the publication by completing a simple online form, or emailing Lisa Lavender.


History Departments and the National Student Survey


By Alexandra Cronberg

This report presents results from an analysis of the 2010 National Student Survey (NSS), presenting the statistics in a comparative fashion. We hope this is a useful guide to understanding the relative student perceptions of history departments across all institutions, particular strengths and weaknesses and any patterning in these respects which is identifiable across different institutional groupings and regions of the country.

Order this, or any of our publications in hard copy by completing a simple online form.

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