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Launch of Network of Teachers of North American History


Network of Teachers of North American History

Do you teach North American History? If so, this network is for you!

I am developing a nation-wide network of university teachers of North American history (any topic, any period, both undergraduate and postgraduate level). We will come together on a regular basis to share experiences and best practice on teaching methods, facilitating the development of innovative approaches to our topic including e-learning.

The network is open to all teachers of North American history whether based in History, American Studies or other departments and it welcomes scholars at every career stage from postgraduate tutor through to professor.

If you are interested in participating in such a network please email me with your institutional affiliation and a short description of your areas of teaching expertise/interest. If there is a good response a gathering of the network will be organised for later in this academic year.

Please pass this information on to any colleagues who are interested in the history of North America.

Contact: Dr Catherine Armstrong, Lecturer in American History, Manchester Metropolitan University: