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eBulletin - March 2011


March eBulletin

My team and I would like to thank all of you in the History subject community for your support at this very difficult time for us. We are very grateful for the all the positive comments we have received about the contributions we have made in supporting teaching and learning in History at HE. We are fully committed to our programme for the year. In February we collaborated with the other Humanities Subject Centres to run a very successful event on developments in external examining at the University of Sheffield. Please visit this site for reports and information on the event, including a key presentation on the results of the recent UUK review of externalling by Greg Wade. Our publications continue to be very popular and there were over 700 downloads of our research guide on Oral History in the first week of issue. We expect our new guide to Digitised Newspapers, highlighted in the Spotlight section, to be as popular. Remember that hard copies are also available on request. I also want to draw attention to our preliminary work on our 'History Graduates with Impact' project. A database of high achieving history graduates is available from the link below.

We are looking forward to our annual conference in April. In addition to an exciting programme of papers dealing with the general topic of 'Thriving in Difficult Times' there will be an opportunity to discuss how the history community should go forward in its relationships with the new-look Higher Education Academy. Please come and let us have your views.

The Higher Education Academy also want to learn the views of the History Community. They have put together a list of questions focused around their main themes and activities for 2010-11. Please complete this short survey and let the HEA know what you think about their plans for the future. All comments will be forwarded automatically to the HEA.

We know that this is a difficult time for all of you too. This means that we appreciate your genorosity and support all the more.

Dr Sarah Richardson, Director History Subject Centre


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Historical Insights

Dgitised Newspapers

Digitised Newspapers

Newspapers, in all their various formats and missions, have long been crucial sources of information about political, social, economic and cultural events and trends. For most lecturers, they have been a fixture of reportage for centuries. However, the rise of digital media has, for perhaps the first time, threatened the relevancy and future of the newspaper industry. Therefore, many incoming undergraduates may fail to appreciate their richness and value as a historical source and this lack of enthusiasm may deter history lecturers and tutors from using them. This guide aims to offer advice and examples of reintegrating newspapers, namely digitised newspapers, into university history teaching.

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