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May eBulletin

History at the Higher Education Academy

May eBulletin

For the past month we have been focusing on our plans and budget for 2010-11. HEFCE have set us three broad priorities: better teaching; flexible models of delivery and graduates with impact. A major focus for the coming year will be a number of projects which will aim to provide an evidence base of the value of a History degree in its broadest sense. We consider this a major priority in an era of reduced funding for HE and the Humanities in particular as well as an increased focus on STEM subjects. We are continuing our work supporting senior staff; departments; individual academics; those at the start of their careers; undergraduate and postgraduate students and the subject community. If you have suggestions or comments on our work please get in touch.

- Dr Sarah Richardson, History Subject Director



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History at the End of the World?
History, Climate Change and the Possibility of Closure

 History at the End of the World

Edited by Mark Levene, Rob Johnson and Penny Roberts

Co-authored book produced by Rescue!History, a group of historians concerned with the challenge of climate change, this new collection of essay discusses how we got here and where we go next.

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