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Design Change Survey

1. About You

Design Change

In this section of the survey, we consider your experiences of “design change” – changes to how things work – the things that you make, the tools that you use, the techniques that you use and the materials that you work with (including concepts, texts etc).

There are two degrees of change:

Revolutionary change is disruptive. It makes you stop your normal way of doing things. You need to make an effort to adapt to the change.

Evolutionary change happens without causing disruption. You don’t need to stop your normal way of doing things. Adapting is easy.

First we will consider design change in your work or study – what you make, the tools you use, how you make things. Then we will consider changes in your domestic life and interests (e.g. entertainment).

2 Revolutionary Change in Your Work

3. Evolutionary Change in Your Work

4. Revolutionary Change in Domestic Life and Interests

5. Evolutionary Change in Domestic Life and Interests

And Finally…

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