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Module Leaders

Loraine Blaxter worked at the University of Warwick in the development of service user involvement for health and social work, before recently retiring. She has experience of teaching in the fields of lifelong learning and of social science for medicine.

Gillian Hundt is Professor of Social Sciences in Health in the Division of Health Sciences, Warwick Medical School, was a founder of UNTRAP and has many years of experience in public and patient involvement in research.

Judy Purkis is a Senior Teaching Fellow/Researcher at Warwick Medical School within the Educational Development and Research team. Her clinical background is in nursing and midwifery and postgraduate studies focus on educational and professional practices, processes and impact. She continues to both teach and research within health and medicine.

Clara Rübner Joergensen is a Research Fellow at Warwick Medical School and a Senior Teaching Fellow at Centre for Education Studies, University of Warwick. She has been the co-ordinator of UNTRAP for 6 years and has experience of working with service users, carers, academics and professionals as part of UNTRAP’s work to develop and facilitate user-involvement. She has experience of teaching within health and educational studies.

Susan Tulip is a qualified secondary school teacher and a member of UNTRAP since its inception. She has experience within teaching, governance and research. She is a former chair of the Arden Cancer Network Partnership group (NHS) and continues to represent Patient and Carers within the new NHS structures.