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What activities are available?

In this section we'll tell you about all of the projects, activities and teaching that IATL offers to you as a student. Our role within The University of Warwick is to enhance your experience of teaching and learning, and you can get involved with what we do in many ways. All of our activities, apart from our interdisciplinary modules, are extra-curricular, which means they are in addition to your assessed work and do not contribute towards your degree. Our modules, on the other hand, can be taken as part of your degree programme from year 2 of your undergraduate degree onwards.

For example:

- You can join students from across the University to study an interdisciplinary module, exploring transformative ways of thinking about the connections in the world;

- You can apply to undertake a project with IATL to develop the ideas that are important to you;

- You can submit your research to Reinvention: an International Journal of Undergraduate Research or our International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR) so that you can share what you've learnt with the Warwick community and beyond;

But first, let's hear from one of our Student Co-Creation Officers Lily Rose Fitzmaurice:

IATL Projects

IATL offers support for student projects which embrace innovation and imagination in teaching and learning. Whether you want to undertake research within or outside your own discipline or to communicate and connect with students and staff through performance we will support you to undertake an IATL project. We provide information, support, funding and can connect you with others to ensure that your project is a success. We value the knowledge produced by staff and students at Warwick and invite both co-created and student-led applications. We particularly welcome applications that emphasise the sharing of learning and practice developed during the project with the wider Warwick community. We love receiving applications which introduce us to new ideas, practices and perspectives and we aim to create an inclusive, diverse community of practice where we value applications from all members of our Warwick community. Explore our previous projects

Reinvention - an International Journal of Undergraduate Research

Throughout your time at Warwick you will have the opportunity to undertake research, whether that is through your degree, through an IATL project or by undertaking a URSS project. We strongly believe that all students should have a voice within our academic community and should be given the opportunity to share their ideas and over 10 years ago we created Reinvention, our academic research journal for undergraduates, for just that purpose.

Through the journal, we provide training, support and guidance to any undergraduate who wishes to submit a research paper. You will gain invaluable insights into the world of academic writing and publishing and will receive feedback on your work from the journal's editorial team or from peer reviewers selected specifically to look at your ideas. Published work is disseminated through our online, open access journal - a fantastic opportunity to have your undergraduate research showcased and to get your academic voice heard.

There is also the opportunity to become a part of our journal's editorial team, which is made up of students from Warwick and from Monash University, our partner institution in Australia.

For more information, visit

Undergraduate Research Conferences

If you would prefer to disseminate your research at an academic conference IATL can support you to present at the World Congress of Undergraduate Research (WorldCUR), British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR), or International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR).

These interdisciplinary conferences provide occasions for you to communication and share your research with new audiences and offer global networking opportunities.

WorldCUR-BCUR 2023

We are jointly hosting WorldCUR & BCUR on campus at Warwick in April 2023 as a full in-person conference experience. We are welcoming the World to Warwick and invite you to join us.

This will be the first occasion when a national conference of undergraduate research has been brought together with the World Congress in a joint event. This provides you the opportunity to share your work and network at a prestigious event. We will be celebrating diversity in all forms: diversity of voice, diversity of ideas, and diversity of form of presentation. You will have the opportunity to present your research in traditional and non-traditional formats and are encouraged to seek creative and innovative forms to communicate and connect with your audience.

You can also take part in WorldCUR-BCUR 2023 by joining the Abstract Review Panel or becoming a Student Director. Alternatively, you can become involved in social and entertainment elements of the event in organisational and/or performance roles.

Further information on WORLDCUR-BCUR at Warwick.

Further information on ICUR at Warwick.

For an overview of ICUR, visit the ICUR Portal


Our International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR) is an annual, two-day event that showcases the best in undergraduate research from around the world. Students from Warwick have the opportunity to present their work in a spoken or poster presentation to a live audience, whilst being simultaneously connected to other undergraduates located in different universities around the globe.

Training on how to present your work to a live audience and via video conference is available and peer mentoring can be accessed through our Compass Programme. We also offer the opportunity to undergraduate students to apply to become ICUR Student Directors or to volunteer to help run the event every September.

Undergraduate Modules

All students are invited to take IATL modules from year 2 onwards of their undergraduate studies. Studying on an IATL module gives you the opportunity to work with students and lecturers from across the University, developing connections between ideas, experiences and practice. These skills, of working with people from different backgrounds and developing complex understandings of concepts, are increasingly valued by both students and employers alike and offer you ways of engaging with some of the big questions facing us today. In an IATL module you are not merely learning about the world, you are working with others to develop new ways of understanding it.

Two of our Co-Creation Officers, Lanaire and Pula speak here about the modules we offer and why you might want to think about opting to take them with us.

Follow these links to find out more about the modules we offer and to hear from some of our Module Convenors and students.

Postgraduate Modules

IATL's postgraduate modules enable you to explore complex ideas from a range of disciplinary perspectives and give you the opportunity to work not only with students within your own subject area, but with students drawn from across all of the faculties at Warwick, supplemented by a variety of visiting speakers and experts from different disciplines.

We offer postgraduate modules in areas such as planetary habitability, humanitarian law and public engagement. These are programmes that are informed by collaborative research across the university and could prepare you well for a future in interdisciplinary studies or working in a multi professional team.

Find out more about the modules we offer here.

Postgraduate Degree - Humanitarian Engineering

Explore our Youtube playlist for more information about each module in the course.

Academics at Warwick have worked with IATL to develop an innovative and holistic approach to MSc Humanitarian Engineering. Through funding and research, Warwick is now able to offer this new and exciting postgraduate course.

This course brings together students and professionals from diverse backgrounds (law, education, engineering, humanities, medicine) to tackle real world societal challenges in a manner very similar to the global teams assembled by today’s leading workgroups. The emphasis during the course is on investigating complex humanitarian issues from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives in order to develop balanced, intelligent and synergistic solutions.

To discover more visit Humanitarian Engineering.