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Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Modules

How to apply for an IATL PG module

Students from all departments can study an IATL PG module, subject to departmental approval.

    • Complete our request form - NOTE: you will need to be logged in with your university IT account to complete the form.
    • We will get back to you in September to confirm whether you have been allocated a place.
    • Once we have confirmed you have a place, you can register for the module following your home department procedures

    Design Thinking for Social Good

    When: Autumn Term

    Code: IL925

    CATS: 15 or 20

    Module Convenors: Dr Robert O'Toole and Ed Watson

    Medical Mind in Literature & Culture

    When: Module not running 2024-25

    Code: IL901

    CATS: 20 or 30

    Module Convenor: Dr Liz Barry

    Thinking Water

    When: Spring Term

    Code: IL905

    CATS: 10, 15 or 20

    Module Convenor: Dr Amanda Edwards


    Habitability in the Universe

    When: Spring Term

    Code: IL907

    CATS: 10 or 15

    Module Convenor: Dr David Brown


    Creating Digital Futures

    When: Spring

    Code: IL938

    CATS: 15

    Module Convenors: Dr Isabel Fischer and Dr Claire Rocks

    Public Engagement

    When: Spring Term or Easter Vacation (Week 29)

    Code: IL939 (Spring term) IL926 (Easter - week 29)

    CATS: 15 or 20

    Module Convenor: Naomi Kay

    Humanitarian Law

    When: Summer

    Code: IL915

    CATS: 15 or 20

    Module Convenor: Daniel Lowe


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