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Humanitarian Engineering


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What is Humanitarian Engineering?

‘Humanitarian Engineering’ is defined as the use of science and engineering to invent, create, design, develop, or improve technologies which promote the well-being of communities which are facing grand humanitarian challenges (fast growing populations, poor, disaster-hit, marginalised, or under-served communities).

We offer opportunities to take a truly interdisciplinary approach to developing appropriate, sustainable, and holistic solutions to global challenges by integrating science into a broader practical scheme. Students from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds and professional experience will work together to tackle global problems, addressing causes, considering preventative approaches, and implementing suitable responses.


About us


In 2018/19 we will launch a suite of new interdisciplinary postgraduate courses, including an MSc in Humanitarian Engineering, an MSc in Humanitarian Engineering with Sustainability, and an MSc in Humanitarian Engineering with Management. These courses are suitable for students with a background in Science, History, Politics, Sociology, Law, Health, Management, Business and Economics and an interest in meeting society’s newest and pressing challenges.


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