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Humanitarian Engineering

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What is Humanitarian Engineering?

This unique postgraduate suite of programmes, hosted by the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning (IATL), will enable you to tackle global problems (natural disasters, conflict and wars, global health, energy, water, humanitarian logistics, mixed in with overpopulation, poverty and underinvestment in low-income countries) in an interdisciplinary way and equip you to address causes, consider preventative approaches, and implement suitable responses.

Which pathway will you take to play a pivotal role in the solution of global humanitarian challenges?

MSc Humanitarian Engineering

MSc Humanitarian Engineering with Management

MSc Humanitarian Engineering with Sustainability

Who is it for?

The course is - by its nature - not ‘just for engineers’; it is also for people with a background in any of the following subjects: science (e.g. chemistry, physics), social sciences (e.g. history, politics, sociology, and geography), language, law, health, management, business and economics.

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Our graduates will be enterprising, outward-looking, who are both equipped to meet society's newest and pressing challenges, and employers' demands for advanced skills and knowledge.

Dr Georgia Kremmyda - Programmes Director


Thank you

Thank you to all the students who took part in our Research Workshop on Monday around interdisciplinary teaching and what it might look like for Humanitarian Engineering.

More photos and information about the research can be found HERE.

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