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Are you equipped to meet society’s most pressing challenges? Become a humanitarian engineer.

Humanitarian Engineers create appropriate, sustainable and holistic solutions to global challenges by integrating science and engineering with approaches from the Social Sciences, Law, Health and Medicine, Management, Business, and Economics.

This unique and cutting-edge course provides students with academically rigorous interdisciplinary training in the fields of Humanitarian Engineering, from international development to humanitarianism and disaster emergencies.

Many Humanitarian Engineering graduates will work with the governments of developing countries managing the development process (e.g. central banks, ministries of finance, rural development, and education). Others will go on to multilateral development institutions like the World Bank, the IMF, or the United Nations; others to NGO Leaders of all sizes and descriptions; and still others will go on to work in the private sector, in jobs as diverse as professional services, manufacturing, and investment banking, to name just a few. Some students may decide to pursue PhD studies.

Our courses

This flexible and innovative course offers students the opportunity to tailor their studies by selecting one of three pathways.

MSc Humanitarian Engineering

PGCert/PGDip/PGA Humanitarian Engineering

MSc in Humanitarian Engineering
(with Sustainability

MSc in Humanitarian Engineering
(with Management)
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The MSc in Humanitarian Engineering spans a broad range of disciplines and is ideal for students who are looking to explore all the professional and disciplinary facets of humanitarian challenges.

Students with a keen interest in Engineering might wish to pursue the MSc in Humanitarian Engineering with Sustainability, which focuses on renewable energy, and sustainable cities, operations, and infrastructures.

Students who wish to pursue Business-related issues might prefer the MSc in Humanitarian Engineering with Management, which offers opportunities to explore project management, communication and leadership, and management of sustainable supply chains.

Students may also choose to undertake a postgraduate Certificate, Diploma, or Award in Humanitarian Engineering.