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Session 10A-10E

10A Joint University of Warwick and Baruch College, CUNY

10B Tools and Technology CANCELLED

10C Globalization and Governance

10D Behavioural Interactions

10E British Politics - CANCELLED

White and Asian difference in pursuing Math.

From ‘sustainability’ to ‘green’ discourse: the political economy of the environment.

Shock wave bubble interactions - a computational study.


Renee Cotsis, Social Sciences, Baruch College, CUNY
Nurul Amillin Hussain, Visiting Student, Nanyang Technological University
Christopher Noble, Engineering Mechanics & Astronautics, Faculty of Science
The Lion in Yvain and the Medieval French Bestiary.


EU Governance of the Human Rights Practices of Multinational Corporations.

Bone Biomimicked Design and Fabrication of Engineered Structures.

Liam Lewis, French Studies, Faculty of Arts
Christoph Kühn, Philosophy, Faculty of Social Sciences Oliver Redgrove, Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Science
Stochastic Modelling of the Behaviour of a Kite in a Wind Tunnel



Gender and Politics: Do Female Legislators Affect Policy Determination?

Freezing and melting of water in nanopores.

Alexandru Coca, Systems Engineering, Faculty of Science
Ayaulym Alimkulova, Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences

Matthew Hooton, Physics, Faculty of Science