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Session 11A-11D

11A Joint University of Warwick and Baruch College, CUNY

11B National and Social Cultures

11C Treatment

11D Empowerment

Democratisation in South Korea during the 1980s.  

How can studying hip hop through the lens of security contribute to the broadening and deepening of Critical Security Studies?


Design of a Tissue Engineered Scaffold Structure for a 3D Malignant Melanoma Model.


Evolving the Collaborative Design Process.

Daniel Yang, Political Science, Baruch College, CUNY

Nikita Shah, Politics & International Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences

Elisabeth Gill, Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Science Arun Ulahannan, Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Science

French Propaganda, Persuasion and the Algerian War.


Dark Tourism: Literary Cartographies of post-Troubles Belfast


Cognitive Diffusion versus Thought Distraction in the Management of Learned Helplessness.


Pre-existing Knowledge Reducing Older Adults' Susceptibility to the Fan Effect.

Charles Beirouti, French Studies, Faculty of Arts

Kar Mun Thong, English & Comparative Literature, Faculty of Arts


Geetanjali Basarkod, Psychology, Faculty of Science

Kiran Kaur & Natasha Foxon, Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences

America's covert wars: secrets, contradictions and paradoxes.

Improving the Execution of Remote Design for Development



Edward Woodford, Politics, Faculty of Social Sciences

Nick Williams, Engineering, Faculty of Sciene, University of Monash (Travel Fellowship Winner)