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Posters in Parliament 2018

On Tuesday 20 February 2018 the British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR) held its Posters in Parliament event in Portcullis House, Westminster, London. The exhibition is inspired by the US Posters on the Hill event in which students present their work to the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Over 40 undergraduates from participating institutions had the opportunity to showcase their research to MPs and policy makers, allowing them to see first-hand some of the innovative research taking place around the country. Warwick selected two students to participate from the many applications to attend the event: Michael Hopper and James Blake, who were accompanied by IATL staff.

James Blake and Michael Hopper pictured in front of Parliament

Michael presented a poster on his research topic ‘An analysis of attitudes and feedback from patient users of online triage software’ and James on his project ‘Modelling panspermia in the TRAPPIST-1 system’.

The calibre of the research on display by undergraduates from around the UK was exceptional. The posters were judged on the rigour of the research presented and how the subject was explained, and we are pleased to announce that James was selected by the panel of judges as the overall winner of the event. The panel were impressed by the quality and depth of his research and particularly by how he made such a complex subject accessible and understandable.

Posters in Parliament 2018
Overall Winner

James Blake, University of Warwick:
“This has been a truly amazing experience. To win is fantastic - I was not expecting it. I’ve seen Parliament on TV but never been here, and it’s been really exciting to meet lots of different people from different backgrounds.”

James Blake being presented with his certificate at the event

Highly Commended

Imelda Uwase, University of Aberdeen:
“I worked so hard on this project, and it’s been such a great opportunity and a privilege to communicate the findings of my research on climate change to policy makers. This award is not only for me, but also the James Hutton institute. The high quality of other students’ work was really encouraging to see.”

Michael Woods, University of Central Lancashire:
“It was really satisfying to communicate my research to those working in the realm of science and speaking to leaders in their field.”