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  Great! Thanks! very helpful
23/4 I have created an Event Checklist - see bottom of list at left. Please add or modify anything you see fit! -Anna  
27/3 great, thanks Katha :)
27/3 to follow up on our debate on the material used in the OSL session, I have uploaded a couple of qoutes and images on gender in the forum. It woudl be great if you add some ideas. If we keep on collecting material, we should soon have enough for a great OSL session on gender...

I've added a bunch of stuff to the Power theme page - would love to get y'all's feedback on it whenever you can. Please let me know if you have anything to add to it :) My list is definitely not complete yet!


Anna - this looks *really fab* thank you, and thanks also for linking it to FB and twitter.

Great post too :)

Thanks also for the comments on my post - I need to spend some time now approving them and writing a response :)

Hooray for getting the blog up and running!


Hi all, I've just set it up so when a new entry is published on our blog, it will automatically be posted to Twitter and FB. I've also customised the look of the blog, let me know if you have any feedback about how it looks :)


Hi Emma, the blog is great! I really like discursive-sharing style. I have commentedJ You will need though to approve my comment, to make sure its safe to go public! Maybe now we can get the other participants to share their experience, and they can see it is not as big deal as it sounds.


Hey, I really like what you wrote, Emma, and two other people promised to write something on interdisciplinarity, so we should have more content on the blog, soon!

I have uploaded some readings on interdisciplinarity, but I can think of lots of readings for some of the other topics, too. Shall we tell each other about such things via e-mail or simply upload them onto the theme sights?

21/3 I've written a short blog post on yesterdays training session - it's only an informal, discursive sharing of my feelings but thought it might encourage others to share their own thoughts on the session. Now I've uploaded, of course I am thinking about other things I should have written - typical!

I've tried uploading a file (journal article) to the bodies page but it hasn't appeared - same problem I had with the meeting minutes. Perhaps i'm doing something wrong? I'm just clicking on 'upload file' and doing what it tells me..... :(

Reply from Anna: OK, I can see what you're doing wrong now! I'll explain on Wednesday. Meanwhile I have pulled your file out from the backend and linked to it on the Bodies page.





13/3 All our profiles are now up on the webpage! Have a look and check for any changes -
13/3 I've added a new page for each of our themes. Currently no content up yet - help me out here! Also, there's some new info up on the Market Research page.
8/3/13 We need to start populating the blog with posts! I'm happy to try and write an introductory post in the next couple of days but I definitely can't do this all myself. I think it would be a great place to post thoughts about issues/theories/whatever that are relevant to our topic and that you don't mind being public. We need to start generating content so we have something to post on Twitter and Facebook and thus createi publicity for ourselves :) Anna

'About Four Percent' is a tongue-in-cheek animated documentary film exploring gender bias and social norms in the field of engineering. Natalie uses her own films to address social issues and the opinions of real people. This particular piece was created uses 1950s found footage material with digitally-drawn 2D animation techniques, and both the positive and negative experiences of young men and women engineers.

Any one want to check this out? Interesting in terms of method (making animated doc) as well as content

Update: I tweeted this video a couple of days ago! :) - Anna


I'm going to "Body Projects: Body Modification & The Female Body" on 9th March:

Maybe I'll write a blog post about it?!

2/3/13 I've been brainstorming ideas on themes in the Forum section - would love to hear everyone's thoughts! Anna
01/03/13 Just had a great meeting with Anna about our website - it's gonna be awesome! Sam
26/02/13 I have added a post to our forum - please have a look.


Have a look around our new workspace, everyone! Please let me know if you have any suggestions. This table is where you should post any updates about the workspace itself - you can draw the team's attention to stuff you've added, etc. The most recent items should go at the top of the table.