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Bodies theme

Ideas for possible Bodies Sub-Themes (work in progress):

Bodies at Work/Working Bodies

The Grotesque Body

The Medicalization of the body/The body and Medicine

The Body & Technology

Grotesque bodies: A Response to Disembodied Cyborgs. Sara Cohen Shabot (PDF Document)

I love this article - it critiques the idea of the cyborg being the only solution to the fixed, gendered body. It argues that although the cyborg was once a valuable vehicle through which to explore the transgressive body, it has soon become a symbol of hyper-sexualized classic binaries: something that Haraway, in her original work, sought to remedy. Shabot offers the grotesque body as a solution to this and uses Mary Ann Doane's psychoanalytical standpoint to illustrate her argument. It's worth a read!


This is an interesting paper by Dominic Johnson, "Operation Spanner and the Performance of Extremity" in which he discusses case studies relating to the policing of the body, agency, informed consent and the criminalization of anomalous bodily practises... (also links nicely with our Queer theme!)


This is a short talk by Lucy McRae on the possibilities of merging technology and biology, and questioning where the body ends and the outside environment begins...


For some interesting stats on cosmetic surgery....