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The Slow Movement: Interdisciplinary Adventures in Time and Pace


As convenors of The Slow Movement: Adventures in Time & Pace module, we aim to capture the imagination of every student we work with. The movement itself, (championing pushback against constant acceleration in our lives- and ‘McDonaldization’ of society) embraces concepts of nuanced experience and meaning, via a different (slower!) mode of existence.

Our assessment mirrors that approach, and hopes to extend it further, giving students freedom to interact with the concepts of Slow as they experience it. Based on three components, students compile a short portfolio of innovative work (e.g., creative arts, scientific proposals, learning design, marketing campaigns etc.), which is brought together both by rationale for their innovation (i.e. how these demonstrate the impact of Slow principles) and critical reflection on their encounter with the Slow Movement as a whole.

Students’ celebration of academic rigour, innovation and critical reflection on their lives and cultures has astounded us. And we are proud to share their creativity, honesty and open-mindedness with others keen to explore a slower world.