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Brookes URSS Projects

Below are details of the Brookes URSS projects funded to date. Posters and reports, where available, can be accessed by clicking on the relevant links. You can sort the table by clicking on the column headings.

Funding Recipient
Project Title
Project Year
Richard Amphlett
Hong Zhu Computing Validating the existence of Design Patterns in UML models using First-Order Logic statements derived from GEBNF definitions 2008 (PDF Document) Poster  
Flavia Borrelli Bannister Simon Bearder Anthropology Relating primate distribution between habitats to fruit production in the Peruvian Amazon 2007 (PDF Document) Poster (PDF Document) Report
Tracey Bassett Alysa Levene, Peter Jones History Classifying poor families in St. Martin in the fields parish, London 1750-1775 2009    
Simon Beckett Peter Edge Law Taking due account of religion in sentencing 2007    
Lewis Beech Ken Howells, Helen Daws, Johny Collett Life Sciences GAIT alterations in stroke patients subjected to cognitive interference 2009    
Leigh Bennett Barrie Axford IR, Politics and Sociology Comparative study of e-democracy initiatives in UK local government 2007 (PDF Document) Poster (PDF Document) Report
Turlough Booth Brad K Blitz Social Sciences and Law Investigating popular attitudes on independence among the Sahari Arabs of western Sahara 2009    
Ross Brookes Anna Marker History Hermaphroditism beyond the genitals: the medicalisation of gender nonconformity 1796-1905 2009    
Lynsey Brough Ro Spankie Architecture Representational techniques for interior architecture 2008    
Vanessa Butt Jeremy MacClancy Anthropology and Geography Evolution of wine discourse 2009    
Luca Cardilli Roger Ramsbottom Life Sciences Investigate the relationship between autonomic cardiac regulation, aerobic fitness & control of blood glucose 2007 (PDF Document) Poster (PDF Document) Report
Michael Childs Anne-Marie Kilday History History of infanticide legislation in Britain and US, 1600 to the present 2007    
Gemma Codling Helen Dawes Life Sciences Effects of treadmill exercise on gait parameters in unilateral amputees 2007 (PDF Document) Poster  
David Cullen Barrie Axford, Richard Huggins International Relations, Politics and Sociology Cultures of Globalisation 2008    
Steven James Curd Tina Miller IR, Politics and Sociology Transition to first-time fatherhood: teenage fathering 2007 (PDF Document) Poster  
Laura Degenhardt Clair Chinnery School of Arts and Humanities Life on the Wing 2009    
Francesca Dhesi C. Ritchie Social work Provision and availability of services in rural Oxfordshire and its impact on families with preschool children 2009    
Laurence Dyer Rachel Long Technology Group theoretic methods for fast matrix multiplication 2009    
Kirsty Fuller and Hannah Roper
Ken Howells Life Sciences Temperature regulation and fluid balance in Multiple Sclerosis patients during exercise 2008    
Samentha Goethals Stephen Hurt International Relations, Politics and Sociology A preliminary investigation into Sino-South African relations 2009    
Midas Gordon-Farleigh Helen Walkington Geography Human-environment interactions on Exmoor: perspectives on stakeholder conflict in the use of the national park 2007 (PDF Document) Poster (PDF Document) Report
Katie Gutcher Jeremy MacClancy Anthropology & Geography Of sex, silence and misrepresentation: cut figures in ethnographic museums 2007 (PDF Document) Poster  
Alex Hancock K. Anne-Isola Nekaris Anthropology, Anthropology Centre for Conservation Environment and Development Detectability of Sociality in Primates: A case study of a primate-like carnivore, the kinkajou (Potos Flavus) in Costa Rica 2008 (PDF Document) Poster  
Martina Hermanska Sin Yi Cheung IR, Politics and Sociology Integration of Eastern European migrant workers into the British labour market 2007 (PDF Document) Poster  
Chantelle Holt John Stevenson Architecture Beyond CCTV: Architecture and Film 2009    
Simon Hughes Simon Bearder Anthropology Borneo Orang-utan field work 2008    
Sophie Jenkins Ken Howells, Helen Daws Life Sciences Amelioration of cognitive motor interference in stroke patients 2009    
Anna Kasim Caz Griffiths Life Sciences Localisation of a Baculovirus Protein During Infection of Cells in
Culture, Using Peptide Tagging and Confocal Microscopy
Karoline Maria Keybe, Oliver Heathcate Sally Hughes, Mark Swenarton Publishing Publication of discourses on space and space research group event (DOOSSier) proceedings 2009    
Sofia (Cho-Fui) Yang Martinez Vincent Nijman Anthropology and Geography, Primate Conservation Trade in Sumatran gibbons and Sumatran orang-utans 2008 (PDF Document) Poster  
John JP Mcquaid

Mitchell Sedgwick

SSL, Anthropology and Geography Economy and Social Relations in Kasasa Ebisu, a Fishing Village in Kagoshima, Japan 2008    
Lesley Miller David Meredith Life Sciences The role of the peptide transporter Pept1 in the growth of cancer cell 2009    
Richard Moore Anne-Isola Nekaris Anthropology Comparative analysis of the behaviour and conservation of purple-faced leaf monkeys in southern Sri Lanka 2007 (PDF Document) Poster (PDF Document) Report
Faye Murray Anna Barnett, Vince Connelly Psychology Validity of the use of a writing tablet to assess writing ability in children and adults 2009    
Ed O'Mahoney
Tim Dixon, Clair Roberts Real Estate and Construction Management Sustainable Commercial Office Buildings: Exploring Stakeholders' Perceptions of Utility and Productivity 2008    
Hanna Pearce Ken Howells Life Sciences Assessment and improvement of physical activity levels in patients with neuromuscular conditions 2007 (PDF Document) Poster  
Vanessa Pickford Anna Barnett, Kate Wilmut Psychology Obstacle avoidance strategies during walking in adults and children 2009    
Philip Pickles James Larminie Mechanical Engineering Data Logging System for Hybrid Racing Car 2008    
Tommy Pniewski Igea Troiani Architecture The influence of Borromini and Bernini’s classical architecture on contemporary practice 2009    
Paula Redfern Francis Fascina Fine Art Mapping the invisible: parallel practices 2007 (PDF Document) Poster  
Lizzy Rushton Helen Walkington Geography, Social Sciences and Law Geoarchaeological approaches to soil and sediment from Jebel Faya, United Arab Emirates 2008 (PDF Document) Poster  
Bryony Sheridan Roger Ramsbottom Life Sciences BDNF in young men and women in response to incremental exercise 2009    
Charlotte Stirling-Reid Charles Simpson, Helen Dawes, Ken Howells Life Sciences Optimal Safe exercise for people with MS 2007 (PDF Document) Poster  
Daniel Taylor Katherine Watson History Indexing European historical literature in the field of forensic medicine 2007 (PDF Document) Poster  
Rebecca Timms Linda King Life Sciences Evaluation of a novel insect virus gene delivery system for the prevention of ischaemic reperfusion injury in kidney cells 2009    
Piotr Henryk Wachowicz Caz Griffiths Life Sciences Investigating the effects of an auxiliary protein, Wrp. of the baculovirus Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus during virus replication of cells in culture 2008 (PDF Document) Poster  
Robert Warburton Anna Maerker History Developing teaching materials on the social impact of the railway in 19th century England 2009    
Dawn Whiteley Tony Bradshaw Life Sciences Environmental survey into the levels and effects of carcinogenic Mercury within and outside a crematorium 2008    
Thomas Zierold Jeremy MacClancy Anthropology and Geography Aesthetic classification in relation to dog breeds 2008 (PDF Document) Poster