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Low Carbon Society Seminars


The Low Carbon Society Initiative 2011 Seminar Series

Seminar on "Achieving Secure, Sustainable Energy" - Thursday 19 May 2011 11.00-16.30

There are some major challenges facing energy systems worldwide - how to achieve security of supply and mitigate climate change and the costs of achieving both. This seminar will explore what is being done in the UK, Europe, China and Russia to meet these new challenges.

Please register your attendance by sending an email to Energy dot Seminar at wbs dot ac dot uk


Seminar on "The Future of Transport in a Low Carbon Society" - Friday 15 October 2010 0930-1600

This seminar reviewed progress and looked at the future across three areas seen as critical in achieving the long term goal of sustainable, low carbon transportation:

1. Options for low carbon vehicles: electric cars, biofuels, hydrogen etc.

2. The understanding we have of how people might change their behaviour

3. The choices we have for longer distance travel such as aviation

Seminar on "Energy Regulation - Current Trends, International Perspectives and Future Choices" - Thursday 27 May 2010

This seminar considered how the domestic and international regulatory landscapes continue to evolve, and directly followed on from the 2009 conference event where many of the topics discussed have now entered the policy-making debate across the industry.

We are delighted to be able to present webcasts of the speakers and please click on the speaker names to view their presentations:

Seminar Theme 1: Current Trends

Seminar Theme 2: International Perspectives

Seminar Theme 3: Further Challenges


Seminar on "Energy in Homes and Commercial Buildings" - Wed 10 February 2010

This seminar discussed the use of energy in homes and commercial buildings. Speakers from the energy supply and construction industries joined business leaders seeking to reduce demand and increase efficiency to discuss how we use energy in the built environment.

We are delighted to be able to present webcasts of speakers and please click on the speaker names to view their presentations:

  • Martin Orrill (Video clip) Head of Energy Technology & Innovation, British Gas New Energy, on bringing new energy eff icient businesses to market
  • Keith Bedell-Pearce (Video clip) Chairman of 4D Data Centres UK, on the opportunities available to businesses seeking to improve efficiency and reduce demand



Directions to seminar series venue: Warwick Business School B1.16
  • From the Radcliffe House end of WBS, go up the stairs/lift to the 1st floor and it's immediately on the left.
  • From the reception on Scarman Rd, walk through to the other end then go up the lift/stairs.