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Low Carbon Society Initiative

Workshop organized by Warwick University in association with INTELLECT: Technology, Energy Efficiency and the Low Carbon Economy

Monday 24th November 2008, 10am- 5pm
Scarman House, University of Warwick


This workshop brought together academics with an interest in technology and climate change with business executives, particularly from the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) industries. The aim of the workshop was to identify areas for future research in relation to the contribution of the ICT sector to the Low Carbon Economy, focussing on the factors influencing the embodiment of existing technologies.

A full report of the workshop and proposed next steps will be available from here shortly.

A subsequent workshop will be held in early 2009 to focus on how the development of new technologies might be encouraged and accelerated.

Workshop programme and presentations:
Introduction to the Workshop
Session 1 - Overview of Key Issues
Session 2 – Research Insights
1.00 pm
Session 3 – Discussion within “Break Out” Groups
Participants will break out into smaller groups each containing a mix of industry people and academics/experts. In the light of the morning presentations, the groups would seek to discuss issues such as:
· Where is the greatest potential for using existing known technologies to improve energy efficiency and lower carbon footprint?
· What are the key obstacles to realising this potential?
· What initiatives might be developed to exploit potential and remove barriers to change?
· Where are the "quick wins"?
Coffee Break

Session 4 - Feedback and panel discussion

This session will provide an opportunity for the “break-out” groups to feed back their conclusions, followed by a more general discussion led by a Panel of academics and business representatives, to help identify:
(i) Scope for initiatives within the ICT and consumer electronics industries; and
(ii) Scope for further research to understand the potential of technology in moving to a low-carbon economy/society.
Panel: Andrew Sentance, WBS (chair); John McGee, WBS; Christopher Moir, Warwick Manufacturing Group; Lawrence Harrison, Intellect; Chris Preist, Hewlett Packard
Session 5 – Next Steps
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Climate Futures analyses the social, political, economic and psychological consequences of climate change. Full report available from the Climate Futures website.