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Conference programme and presentations

Challenges in the Transition to a Low Carbon Society

13-14th July 2009- Scarman House Conference Centre, University of Warwick

A major conference on the technological, economic, social and political challenges of moving to a low carbon society

Day One
13th July 2009
12pm Registration
12.30-2pm Lunch

Introduction and welcome: Professor Richard Higgott, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research, University of Warwick

Keynote Address: A stronger business case than ever: Keeping climate change on the agenda during economic recessionAdrian Gault, Chief Economist, Committee on Climate Change


Session 1: A Vision of the Low Carbon Society

  • What emissions cuts are required and how quickly?
  • Reconciling lower emissions with economic development – the role of China, India and other emerging markets
  • The role of international agreements/institutions and national policy frameworks
  • How will the economic and social structure of a Low Carbon Society be different from today?
Professor Simon Bright, Director, Warwick HRI
Re-framing climate change: from long-term targets to short-term actionsDr Alice Bows, Sustainable Consumption Institute and Tyndall Centre, University of Manchester
Building the business case for a low carbon society James Robey, Head of Corporate Sustainability, Capgemini
Key steps in the transition to a low carbon societyProfessor Andrew Sentance, Professor of Sustainable Business, Warwick Business School
Panel discussion featuring session speakers and Professor Len Seabrooke, Director, Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation, University of Warwick
4.15pm Tea
4.45pm Session 2: Creating a Low-Carbon Energy System
  • What does a sustainable energy system look like?
  • What is the potential for renewable energy and bio-fuels?
  • The role of carbon capture and storage and nuclear energy
  • The scope for raising efficiency and reducing energy demand
David Elmes, Warwick Business School
"Shell Energy Scenarios to 2050" Dr Steven Fries, Chief Economist, Royal Dutch Shell
Low carbon energy: scenarios, aspirations and delivery Dr Robert Gross, Imperial College, London, Head of the UK Energy Research Centre's Technology and Policy Assessment Function
"Challenges from low carbon energy" Professor Richard Green, Professor of Energy Economics, University of Birmingham
Panel discussion featuring session speakers and Dr Annette Muetze, School of Engineering, University of Warwick
6.15pm Close of first day sessions
7pm Drinks
7.30pm Conference Dinner
Day Two
14th July 2009
9am Session 3: Moving towards a Low-Carbon Transport System
  • Potential development of low carbon vehicles and transport modes
  • Can the growth of aviation be reconciled with a Low Carbon Economy
  • The role of changes in travel patterns and driver behaviour
  • Substitutes for travel – the role of IT and the “virtual economy"
Professor Phil Mawby, School of Engineering, University of Warwick
"Accelerating the transition to low carbon vehicles and fuels" Greg Archer, Director, Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership
Behaviour change in transportProfessor Abigail Bristow, Leader of Transport Studies Group, Loughborough University
Can the growth of aviation be reconciled with a Low Carbon Economy?” Tim Johnson, Director, Aviation Environment Federation
Panel discussion featuring session speakers and Christopher Moir, Warwick Manufacturing Group
10.30am Coffee

Session 4: Developing and embodying Low Carbon Technologies

  • Economic incentives for developing and embodying Low Carbon technologies
  • Technology transfer to developing/emerging economies
  • The role of technology in driving energy efficiency
  • Barriers to implementation of Low Carbon technologies
Professor Tim Jones, Professor of Physical Chemistry, University of Warwick
Developing and embodying low carbon technologiesKirsty Hamilton, Associate Fellow, Chatham House (Royal Institute of International Affairs).
A diffusion based approach to policy interventionProfessor Paul Stoneman, Research Professor, Marketing and Strategic Management Group, Warwick Business School
Innovation for a Low Carbon Future Richard Miller, Innovation Platform Leader, Low Impact Buildings, Technology Strategy board
Panel discussion featuring session speakers and Stephen Roper, Professor of Enterprise and Director, The Centre for Small and Medium Enterprises, Warwick Business School
12.30pm Lunch
2pm Session 5: Low Carbon Behaviours and Strategies
  • How do we encourage the Low Carbon Consumer?
  • Is business taking the low carbon challenge seriously, and what might encourage it to do more?
  • The role of carbon pricing and “green taxes”
Professor Andrew Sentance, Warwick Business School
The business response to carbon pricing – evidence from the introduction of the UK Climate Change Levy Dr Ralf Martin, Research Fellow, Centre for Economics Performance, London School of Economics
Business and the low carbon challenge- a personal perspective" Dr Chris Preist, Principal Scientist, Hewlett Packard Sustainable IT Ecosystem Laboratory
Consumer adoption of new technological products – implications for take-up of low carbon technologies" Dr Qing Wang, Reader in Marketing and Innovation, Marketing and Strategic Management Group, Warwick Business School
Panel discussion with session speakers and Simon Collinson, Professor of International Business and Innovation, Warwick Business School
3.30pm Tea

Panel Discussion: Opportunities and challenges for the West Midlands in the transition to the Low Carbon Society?

A panel of business executives, representatives of local government and regional development agencies will discuss the challenges for the West Midlands region flowing from the Conference presentation, and the potential next steps to ensure that the West Midlands is well-positioned to contribute to the transition to the future Low Carbon Society.

Panellists include
John Morris, Head of Corporate Affairs, Birmingham International Airport
Dr Simon Slater, Executive Director, Sustainability West Midlands
Danny Lamb, West Midlands Regional Assembly
Guy Esnouf, Head of PR and Public Affairs, E.ON
5pm Conference ends