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Conference programme

There are no current conferences scheduled.


Past Conferences

Challenges in the Transition to a Low Carbon Society

13-14th July 2009- Scarman Conference Centre, University of Warwick

A major conference on the technological, economic, social and political challenges of moving to a Low Carbon Society 


The reality of man-made climate change and its potentially long-term damaging impact on our economy and society are now becoming widely accepted. There is a growing scientific and political consensus that significant action will be needed to manage the transition to a Low Carbon Society.

The Conference highlighted the key challenges in the transition to a Low Carbon Society, including:

  • establishing credible and durable national and international political frameworks
  • developing and embodying new low carbon technologies
  • transforming the transport and energy systems to a low carbon model
  • changing consumer behaviour and business strategies
  • the development of effective economic instruments to drive change