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Low Carbon Society Initiative Workshop

A University- wide workshop was held to launch the Low Carbon Society Initiative on 3 July 2008. The day was a huge success with over 30 academics attending from across all the faculties of the University.

The objectives of the workshop were to:

1) raise awareness of the possibilities of collaborative physical, biological and social science research on issues related to the Low Carbon Society

2) identify Warwick’s distinctive contribution in this potentially competitive arena, building on its existing research strengths

3) identify potential internal and external partnerships

4) scope out the next steps for developing and promoting existing research and for developing new research directions

Workshop programme:

Session 1: Introduction to concepts and issues(Powerpoint Presentation)- Andrew Sentance (Warwick Business School)

Session 2: Research ideas and themes:

a) Fuels and energy use- new possibilities
Biofuels- problems and opportunities (Powerpoint Presentation)- Simon Bright (Warwick Horticultural Research Institute)

b) Business and consumer behaviour

Understanding the low-carbon consumer (Powerpoint Presentation)- Christopher Moir (Warwick Manufacturing Group) and Sayantan Ghosal (Economics)

c) Instruments of social and economic change 

Children, consumption and energy- Alan Prout (Warwick Institute of Education)

Session 3: "Open space" discussion in break-out groups

Session 4: Plenary discussion- Including feedback from the break-out groups, identification of potential research themes, Warwick's distinctive contribution, potential partnerships and next steps. Mark Smith, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research joined us for this session

Session 5: Closing comments and end of workshop