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Dr Jeremy Keown

Dr Jeremy Keown

Contact Details

Dr Jeremy Keown

School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick

Research Groups

The Grimes Group

Supervision Style

In three words or phrases: collaborative, laid-back, involved.

Provision of Training

During the beginning of your PhD we will work closely together on your project, as you develop the technical skills you will drive the project forward. You will have the opportunities to learn from both me and my collaborators with different technical proficiencies.

Progression Monitoring and Management

We will have weekly whole lab meetings and will schedule one-on-one meetings once a fortnight to discuss the project in detail. We will set research goals together.


I am available to my group on email and WhatsApp but will keep messages to during work hours unless necessary. I will support you to maintain good work/life balance.

PhD Students can expect scheduled meetings with me:

In a group meeting

At least once a week

In year 1 of PhD study

At least once a fortnight

In year 2 of PhD study

At least once a fortnight

In year 3 of PhD study

At least once a month

These meetings will usually be face to face. I am usually contactable for an instant response on every working day.

Working Patterns

Certain tasks in my lab need to occur at set times, and students need to be able to commit to a rota/timetable shared with other members of the team.

Notice Period for Feedback

I need at least 2 week’s notice to provide feedback on written work of up to 5000 words.