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Term 1 Week 10

Research problems and mini-symposium

In this class we will talk about ethical issues while doing qualitative research. Moreover, the students will discuss each other’s research designs and provide some last feedback before submission. Be prepared to present in class your research question, its intellectual context, and your proposed strategy for investigation. You may prepare a handout, but you may not use PowerPoint. Students are expected to have read and prepared comments on all research designs before class. Please also refer to this extended reading list on research design (PDF Document).

Methodological readings Additional readings
  • [1] Della Porta, D. and M. Keating (2008) Comparing Approaches, Methodologies and Methods. Some Concluding Remarks, in: D. della Porta and M. Keating (eds.) Approaches and Methodologies in the Social Sciences: A Pluralist Perspective. Cambridge UP, Ch. 16 (pp. 316-322).
  • [2] Lehnert, M, B. Miller, and A. Wonka (2011) Increasing the Relevance of Research Questions: Considerations on Theoretical and Social Relevance in Political Science, in: T. Gschwend and F. Schimmelfennig (eds) Research Design in Political Science. How to Practice What They Preach. Palgrave Macmillan, Ch. 2 (pp. 21-38).

[1] [2] Book available as e-book through library. Simply copy-paste the title of the book into the article search function of the 'encore'-platform.

Mini symposium: No extra readings but project outlines and presentations of individual seminar participants.

Recommended reading

  • [1] Zinnes, D. (1980) Three Puzzles in Search of a Researcher, International Studies Quarterly 24: 315-342.
  • [2] Kirshner, J. (1996) Alfred Hitchcock and the Art of Research, PS: Political Science and Politics 29(3): 511–513.
  • [3] Thunder, D. (2004) Back to Basics: Twelve Rules for Writing a Publishable Article, PS: Political Science and Politics 37(3): 493–495.

[1] [2] [3] Journal available as e-journal through library. Simply copy-paste the title of the article into the article search function of the 'encore'-platform.