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Big Political Data: Why and How

big data

Big Political Data: Why and How

Friday 2 December 2016

09:00 - 15:30

IMC.002 (WMG Building)

Hosted by the Warwick Q-Step Centre and the Faculty of Social Sciences, this one-day event will address the evolutions in engaging with and studying politics using a blend of data, new and old, big and smaller, on and off line. Case studies will include elections, collective action, social networks, and public discourse.



View the videos from the event below:

Dr Jonathan Bright, Oxford Internet Institute: Studying online politics with big data: beyond the simple paradigm

Dr Javier Sajuria, University of Newcastle: Understanding collective action through hybrid data: Protests and community building

Dr Annie Waldherr, Free University Berlin: Supervise the machine, or not? Approaches to grasping networked issue debates online