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Big Data - Social Data

Big data has been in the headlines across academic, government, industry and third sectors for past two to three years. The extent to which big data is seen to be revolutionary depends largely on the perspective that is taken. At the very extreme, some argue that big data will transform almost everything that is even remotely involved in data in some way. At the other extreme, the sceptics are convinced that there is fundamentally nothing new about big data, since data has always tended to be generated at a faster pace than we have been able to process or make sense of it.

This one-day event took place on 10 December 2015 and was hosted by the Warwick Faculty of Social Sciences, alongside the Warwick Q-Step Centre. The event examined the challenges raised by big data across key areas of social science and generated a vibrant transdisciplinary discussion about the shared challenges that cross-cut different areas of social science research, as well as ways in which big data manifests itself in particular fields.

Event Programme (Visio document)

Speaker/Session Details (Visio document)


Big Data and Cities - Rob Kitchin (Video clip) Presentation Video  

Big Data and Health - Nathan Lea (Video clip) Presentation Video

Big Data and Administrative Data - Judith Knight (Video clip) Presentation Video

Big Data and the Economy - Ana Gross (Video clip) Presentation Video

Big Data and Education - Ben Williamson (Video clip) Presentation Video