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SO32Q-30: Applying Quantitative Methods to Social Research


Timing and CATS

This module is currently not offered.

Further information.

Module Convenor: Prof Ulf Liebe 


Module Description

Advanced techniques of data analysis contribute to understanding and explaining social and political phenomena as well as to solving social problems. The module is designed to enhance your ability to identify and prepare data, carry out a range of analyses and report the findings in a rigorous way. It will provide a firm foundation on techniques such as factor analysis, logistic regression, and multilevel modelling using real-world data. By the end of the module you will be able to identify, address and report on substantive research questions using a range of techniques. A one-hour lecture will explain the methods that you will apply in the two-hour seminar that follows. The module will use Stata. Data analysis will be based on World Value Survey data which covers a wide range of social and political topics. The module will be assessed by two assignments to carry out an analysis on this or other datasets to answer a substantive research question (50% each).

What past participants said:

"Seminar worksheets - I cannot think of a more effective way to learn new concepts and their application in Stata. They were written in a clear, consistent manner which enhanced my understanding of methods a lot."

"The worksheets have been incredibly helpful as they provide a well thought process of analysing data as well as explaining those processes which is the basics of our studies in quantitative methods. We should both execute and understand statistical processes we are performing. "