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PanNuke Dataset for Nuclei Instance Segmentation and Classification

Dataset Details

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  title={PanNuke: an open pan-cancer histology dataset for nuclei instance segmentation and classification},
  author={Gamper, Jevgenij and Koohbanani, Navid Alemi and Benes, Ksenija and Khuram, Ali and Rajpoot, Nasir},
  booktitle={European Congress on Digital Pathology},
  title={PanNuke Dataset Extension, Insights and Baselines},
  author={Gamper, Jevgenij and Koohbanani, Navid Alemi and Graham, Simon and Jahanifar, Mostafa and Khurram, Syed Ali and Azam, Ayesha and Hewitt, Katherine and Rajpoot, Nasir},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2003.10778},

Dataset Usage Rules

  1. The dataset provided here is for research purposes only. Commercial uses are not allowed. The data is licensed under the following license

    Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International

    Creative Commons License

  2. If you intend to publish research work that uses this dataset, you must cite our papers (as mentioned above), wherein the same dataset was first used.


Please download the dataset from this link: Fold 1; Fold 2; Fold 3.Creative Commons License

To reproduce the results in PanNuke Dataset Extension, Insights and Baselines use the following 3 splits:

  1. Training: Fold 1; Validation: Fold 2; Testing: Fold 3
  2. Training: Fold 2; Validation: Fold 1; Testing: Fold 3
  3. Training: Fold 3; Validation: Fold 2; Testing: Fold 1

Please download the HoVer-Net weights trained on PanNuke here.Creative Commons License

Please send all comments, questions, and feedback related to this dataset to Jevgenij Gamper at