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Warwick TIA to participate in the €70M BIGPICTURE consortium

The Warwick TIA team represented by Prof Nasir Rajpoot and Dr Shan Raza are delighted to be part of the EU-wide €70M BIGPICTURE project.


To take AI development in pathology to the next level, a European consortium combining leading European research centres, hospitals as well as major pharmaceutical industries, is going to develop a repository for the sharing of pathology data. The 6-year, €70M project called BIGPICTURE, will herald a new era in pathology.

See the RadboudMC (coordinator) announcement for more info at:

Wed 10 Feb 2021, 13:29 | Tags: Grants

PathLAKE Plus £13.5 million funding: Press release

We are excited to announce that PathLAKE has received funding of £13.5 million towards the PathLAKE Centre of Excellence!

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has emphasised the importance of supporting Artificial Intelligence and embracing technology to save lives.

Please see here for further details.

Follow twitter link here

Fri 06 Nov 2020, 13:05 | Tags: Education Grants PathLAKE People

Cancer Research Award UK

We are delighted to announce the award of a Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Early Detection grant in the amount of £406K to Dr Ali Khurram (Sheffield University) and Prof Nasir Rajpoot for research on developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to predict malignant transformation of oral epithelial dysplasia.

Please follow this link for more details

Wed 03 Jun 2020, 10:25 | Tags: Education Grants

Cancer Research UK Grant

We are delighted to share the following good news about the award of a CRUK grant to Fayyaz and his pathologist colleague from the Royal Brompton hospital in London for research on ML for early detection of mesothelioma.

Please follow this link for further details.

Fri 15 May 2020, 14:04 | Tags: Grants