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Shan Raza

Shan Raza is Assistant Professor in Computer Science and is associated with the Applied Computing division and the Tissue Image Analytics (TIA) Centre. Before joining Warwick, Shan held a postdoctoral position for two years at the Institute of Cancer Research, UK working on TRACERx lung project funded by Cancer Research UK (CRUK). Prior to that, he worked for three years as research fellow at Warwick computer science department on a BBSRC funded project exploring the origin of new beta cells during pregnancy. He obtained PhD in Computer Science from Warwick in 2014. During his PhD and postdoc roles, he also gained hands on experience setting up experiments for the acquisition of images in wet biology labs and glass houses. Shan is primarily interested in developing deep learning models for the analysis of microscopy images, integration of cancer imaging with genomics and studying tumour microenvironment in the context of cancer evolution.

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