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AMR Events

Here you will find events related to AMR research that I have been at.

22-23rd February 2017

3rd Digital Behaviour Change Conference 2017, UCL, Mary Ward House, London

Several talks were on antibiotic resistance:

-Can a short interactive communication scenario in virtual reality alter future clinician behaviour to reduce unnecessary antibiotic prescribing in General Practice? Caroline Fertleman1, 2*, Sylvie Delacroix3*, Carmel Sher4, Brian Mac Kenna5 and Xueni Pan6

-Can games help you get better? Experimental evidence on adherence behaviour from Pakistan. Umar Taj1

-Realtime paediatric respiratory tract infection (RTI) community surveillance: A qualitative interview study of clinicians’ perspectives on the use, design and potential impact of a planned intervention. Emma C. Anderson1, 2*, Isabel Lane3, Joanna M. Kesten1, 4, Alastair D. Hay3, Timothy P. Moss2 and Christie Cabral3

2-3rd March 2017

Interdisciplinary Workshop on AMR research, Engineers House, University of Bristol

2-4th May 2017

The 3rd ABACUS meeting Qualitative Analysis Workshop

Venue: School of Public Health, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Participating centres (HDSS*):

Umea University

Filabavi*, Vietnam

Matlab*, Bangladesh

Kanchanaburi*, Thailand

Manhica*, Mozambique

Kintampo*, Ghana

Dodowa*, Ghana

Agincourt*, South Africa

INDEPTH Resource Centre Ghana

OUCRU Vietnam


The objectives of the workshop are to:

1. create a unified approach to the analysis of the qualitative data

2. develop clear timelines for analysis and write up

3. devise a means of producing a cross-site analysis

4. Edit household survey questions

ABACUS workshop


Coffee break

Coffee break

INTEGRATE Early Career Symposium

22nd May 2017

Oral presentations from early career researchers in AMR at the Occulus building.

*I missed this event due to being unwell. Please email me for my slides.

Preventing the Antibiotic Apocalypse: Public Science Evening

14th June 2017

Antibiotic Apocalypse

Bridging the Gaps between EPS and Antimicrobial Resistance

15th June 2017


Join us for a full-day symposium to explore the most promising research from the Bridging the Gaps networks and beyond.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a major threat to our health, dramatically reducing the effectiveness of antibiotics that have been the mainstay of modern medicine.
Traditionally, the study of AMR has been led by Medical and Life Science researchers. However, to effectively halt the rise of AMR in the population requires the combined resources of Mathematical, Engineering, Physical, Chemical, Medical and Life Sciences, in highly interdisciplinary ventures.

To respond to this need, as part of the cross-council initiative in Antimicrobial Resistance, the EPSRC launched 'Bridging the Gaps', a programme of funding awarded to 11 UK universities, to develop institutional networks focused on multidisciplinary solutions to tackle AMR.

Poster presentation: