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Tiantian Fu

AMR in Gut Microbiota

Project background

My PhD project focused on gut microbiota metabolism of dietary constituents (e.g. choline) and the impact on cardiovascular diseases.

In a recent paper that I co-authored, we demonstrated that choline metabolism significantly increased swarming speed of the model bacterium, Proteus mirabilis and swarmer cells have an elevated resistance to antibiotics.

Project aim

The aim of this project is to characterize subpopulation to single- cell resolution of swarming cell response to antibiotics. Specifically, I aim to investigate the intriguing link of choline metabolism, enhanced swarming and subsequently enhanced antimicrobial resistance using P. mirabilis as the model, and test the hypothesis that choline enhances swarming speed and thus elevated resistance to antibiotics.

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Tiantian Fu

School of Life Sciences

Gibbet Hill Campus

The University of Warwick


West Midlands