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Presentation Slides

Esther Robinson - On the Edge of the Abyss
(Powerpoint Presentation) esther_robinson_on_the_edge_of_the_abyss.ppt

Julie Robotham - Modelling Clinical Data

(Powerpoint Presentation) julie_robotham_modelling_clinical_data.pptx

James Covington - Disease Diagnosis Data Analysis

(Powerpoint Presentation) james_covington_disease_diagnostics_data.pptx

Mike Chappell - Structural Identifiability

(Powerpoint Presentation) mike_chappell_amr_summer_school.pdf

Ricky Cain - in silico Drug Discovery

(Powerpoint Presentation) ricky_cain_in_silico_drug_discovery.pptx
(Word Document) autodock_docking_protocol_cain.docx

Elizabeth Wellington - AMR Dissemination in the Environment

(PDF Document) elizabeth_wellington_AMR_environment.pdf

Andrew Mead - Predictive Modelling of AMR in the Environment

(Powerpoint Presentation) andrew_mead_amr_modelling_and_data_analysis.pptx