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Gary Bending is Professor of Environmental Microbiology in the School of Life Sciences. His research focuses on the impact of a changing climate on the benefits soils provide to society, and how soils can be used to mitigate global warming. This includes processes by which carbon becomes sequestered from the atmosphere into soil, the effects of extreme weather on soil systems, and approaches to harness natural biota to sustain crop productivity. He also studies the environmental fate and persistence of pollutants, including pharmaceuticals, pesticides and plastic.


James Covington is a Professor in Electronic Engineering. His research interests are in the development of gas sensors and sensors systems applied to environmental monitoring and biosensing applications.

Biomedical Sensors Laboratory


Jessica Savage is a Senior teaching Fellow in Global Sustainable Development. Her main research interests surround human-ecosystem interactions, marine resources monitoring, impact assessments, environmental management, marine plastics, climate change management, climate change mitigation, tourism, eco-tourism.

Robin Allaby


Robin Allaby is a Professor of Evolutionary Genetics in the School of Life Sciences specializing in archaeogenomics and palaeometagenomics. He uses evolutionary principles to investigate the evolution of domestication and reconstruction of palaeoenvironments. To do this his group retrieves ancient DNA from archaeological plant samples and sedimentary DNA (sedaDNA), from which ancient genomes are built following evolution directly through time and profiles of the plants and animals that existed thousands of years ago are reconstructed to gain insight into those past environments.

Plant Evolution Research