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Liz WellingtonProfessor Elizabeth Wellington
WES IC Director

Pathogen ecology and bacteria in soil; survival, activities and interactions

Robin AllabyDr Robin Allaby
WES IC Associate Director

Palaeometagenomic reconstruction of past diets and environments



Dr Ramesh Arasaradnam


Dr Mark Barrow

Environmental analysis

Claudia Blindauer

Structure of metal-binding proteins, dynamics of metal uptake and release, and their biomolecular interactions

Dr Gary Bending

Plant-microbe interactions in the rhizosphere, mycorrhizal symbioses, soil C, N and P cycling processes, environmental fate of pollutants

Professor Timothy Bugg

Catalytic mechanisms of multi-step enzymatic reactions

Professor Nigel Burroughs

Mathematical biology, including cellular biology, microbial ecology, and genetics

Professor Greg Challis

The molecular mechanisms of action of natural products and their ecological roles

Dr David Chandler

Biological pest control, integrated pest management, control of invasive arthropod species, bee health

Dr Michael Chappell

Modelling and analysis of biomedical, pharmacokinetic and biological processes

Dr Yin Chen

Marine biogeochemical cycles

Dr Joseph Christie-Oleza

Molecular interactions of marine microorganisms and carbon cycling in the oceans

Dr Rosemary Collier

Insect biology

Dr Chris Corre

Natural product biosynthesis and novel inducible expression systems

Dr James Covington

Developing chemical and biological sensors for detecting environmental pollutants and biological agents

Professor Laura Green

Persistent bacterial infections in environment and animals

Dr Sara Kalvala

Development of simulation techniques to model interaction between micro-organisms

Dr Kerry Kirwan

Sustainable Materials

Dr Nick Lee

Climate change

Dr Rob Lillywhite

Systems sustainability, environmental accounting, ecosystem services, crop nutrition, carbon management

Dr Andrew Marsh

Understanding and using non-covalent interactions in supramolecular chemistry and nanotechnology

Professor Graham Medley

Infectious disease epidemiology

Dr Andrew Millard

Microbial bioinformatics

Dr Jonathan Moore

Systems Biology

Professor Simon Murch

Mucosal immunology and the gut microbiome

Dr Vardis Ntoukakis

Plant-microbe interactions

Dr Sascha Ott

Systems biology

Dr Jonathan Pearson

Coastal and environmental hydraulics

Dr Kevin Purdy

Microbial ecology

David Rossell  
Professor David Scanlan

Marine microbiology; photosynthetic picoplankton; niche adaptation mechanisms; biotic control of bacterioplankton by grazers and viruses

Dr Hendrik Schäfer

Marine and terrestrial sulphur cycle, microbial ecology, genetics and biochemistry

Dr Patrick Schäfer

Improving plant stress adaptation using sebacinoid symbionts

Professor Charles Sheppard

Marine environmental research

Dr Paul Taylor

Catalysis and chemical genomics

Professor Matthew Turner

Biological physics of membranes



Honorary members:

Professor Eric Holub
Professor Alfonso Jaramillo

Genetic improvement of plants for sustainable food production
Use of synthetic bacteriophages against bacterial infections in animals and the environment